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Join #ShineBright
Solidarity Campaign for Jewelers

For a diamond to form, it takes 700,000 pounds of pressure and 2,000 °F of heat. It’s this duress that brings carbon atoms together to form crystals that lets a diamond #ShineBright. Similarly, it is at tough times like these that we need to #ShineBright - a symbol of courage, strength, and togetherness, now and always.


Jocalio created the #ShineBright campaign to lead the way for fine jewelers to radiate a positive message to their communities. Many already joined to spread the positive message. If you are a fine jeweler who wants to join the campaign as well, you can request the creative right here and we'll make a custom version with your logo and your local city or state. We're offering this service for FREE whether you're our client or not.


How to Request Creative?


  • We are no longer accepting requests as of July 31st, 2020.

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