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“Over the years, I had lost my faith in any type of advertising/marketing that would take money to promote my store and business, it just wasn't working.  After months of informative discussions with Val, I trusted my intuition and we executed two late 4th quarter events at my store.  I was determined to not have 'just another November and December" and Jocalio was the exact catalyst I needed to break my routine. The success was resounding.


Our first diamond fashion event was not only successful, but perfectly executed in forecast, supply and even demand.  Connecting with over 200 prospects and having the ability to supply specific consumer requests, for each appointment, demonstrated their reach; roughly half of those prospects buying diamond products proved the efficacy of their reach.  To be clear, I sold more diamonds in one category in a week than I normally do in a typical year!


Our second event was a bespoke event that I have done for years and it has always been a resounding success in my eyes.  However, adding the Jocalio data marketing prowess resulted in over 500 prospects from our local community, many of which had never entered into my store, let alone made a purchase. Our exponential gains on this yearly event were paramount to exceeding even my own wildest expectations, and it truly put our name in front of more people, more frequently, with the right call to action--resulting in a higher number of transactions, a higher average ticket and increased first time customers shopping with us.


Adding new, highly impactful events as well as improving ROI on our existing marketing calendar were immediate and highly visible returns, however I am equally enthused that I continue to see new clients come to our store on a regular basis, something I did not think possible in our highly competitive Miami market. 

Jocalio's expertise on product, supply and data marketing was instrumental in not only helping us avoid a Covid slump in 2020, it enabled us to have our best November and December EVER-- growing by 40%! These gains prove that my assessment of Jocalio's offering was accurate; they have the ability to produce uncommon efficiency, effectiveness and results.  If you are looking for a game changer for your business, I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend you add them to your plans for 2021 and beyond.”


Andrew Koppel

Owner, Maurice’s Jewelers

Miami, FL

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“Opening with Jocalio was a game changer for our store. Their digital marketing has helped increase our business and expand our personal brand.  They understand the importance of making our company the main focus, and they are willing to fine tune as changes are needed.

Their on-trend inventory also filled a much-needed price point. Allison is always a gem to work with as she continues to keep our inventory fresh and relevant to what we are advertising.”


Nicole Steel

Steel’s Jewelry

Valdosta, GA

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"Jocalio has become a huge part of our bridal business success by allowing us to create our own exclusive line of diamond bridal jewelry at prices that our clients have come to expect. It gives us a decisive competitive edge over our competition by providing the highest quality diamond jewelry at prices no mainstream designer line can match. 


We consider Jocalio a valued partner that will continue to become an important part of our incredible growth story going forward. "

Steve Weintraub

Owner, Gold & Diamond Source

Clearwater, FL

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“For independent jewelers, I highly recommend partnering with Jocalio as they have discovered the holy grail of marketing. 

For years DC Taylor has been looking for innovative ideas to complement our most important event of the year, and with Jocalio we found that and more. During December 2020 we held this event and we are excited to report that it was not only our best sales event ever, it attracted a healthy dose of new customers as well. 

Their product selection and quality has fit seamlessly into our merchandising plans alongside our current vendors as well.

The team at DC Taylor is looking forward to participating in the new upcoming 2021 events set forth by Jocalio!”


Jeff Taylor

Owner, D.C. Taylor Jewellers

Ontario, Canada

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“In 2019 I gave a strong recommendation for Jocalio, and in 2020, despite COVID I am happy to report: it just keeps getting better.  They are known for their expertise in getting customers through the door for events throughout the year, but what I am now most impressed with are seeing new customers coming in day in and day out as well as some existing customers who I have not seen for some time.

But what the Jocalio partnership really comes down to is the bottom line. I now have 2 years of proof that Jocalio is more effective and efficient than anything else in our industry, so much so that I no longer do any other form of marketing or advertising.  It's simple math--spend less money but use more efficient means of getting my message out, increase top line sales, realize more profits.  Jocalio embraced, implemented and ultimately succeeded in this mission, and there is no end in sight. 

 Jocalio is not a one trick pony, the product programs I sell everyday have delivered higher gross margin, excellent quality & price and outstanding service. As David told me early on, Jocalio would become a top vendor in our store, and with the results I am realizing: they have earned that right!

If you are looking for a new kind of strategic partner that delivers immediate results with long term growth and profitability, look no further than Jocalio.”


Mark Hayden

Owner, Hayden Jewelers

Syracuse, NY

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“2020 was a crisis year for many reasons and a year that for our business could have been catastrophic. We would like to thank the team at Jocalio, whose energy and professionalism helped us confront the challenges head-on, and helped us to quickly adjust to take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves.

Jocalio’s expertise goes beyond their proven performance in bringing customers in-store or producing excellent jewelry collections. They understand customers and their thinking, able to quickly adjust their strategies to tap into what they want. In all our years in the business, I would never have dreamt that we could run an event where customers reserve product through Jocalio’s amazing Concierge services and have these customers come in with appointments to pick up their reserved goods. This created a safe and pleasant environment for both customers and staff.  Jocalio did absolutely everything - from excellent marketing, to book the appointments/reservations, to providing the right goods at the right price. In just two days, we sold more diamond product in one category than we normally do in one year. Jocalio’s data-marketing program delivers consistent dividends throughout the year and that is why it is our primary advertising channel.

For those of you who have not sat down to discuss what Jocalio can do for you, I would strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible. It will be one of the best decisions you will make."


Michelle Jaffe

Owner, Harold Jaffe Jewelers
Toledo, OH

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"Jocalio was a nice addition to our marketing plan particularly for special events this past year. Val's system strategically targets those potential clients who are most likely in the market to shop for what you're selling. We even had one client who had never been in the store before insist that I pass along Jocalio's information so he can use them in his own business! Val has created an innovative solution to an age old problem."

John Carter

President, American Gem Society

Owner, Jack Lewis Jewelers,

Bloomington, IL

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"The team at Jocalio were able to increase traffic, store appointments, and revenue by over 100% for one of our annual events. All while cutting marketing costs by nearly 50%, and increasing my return on advertising spend by over 400%. Until now, this kind of secret sauce has been reserved for very high priced ad agencies who serve clients with multi-million dollar advertising budgets.  This is an equalizer for the little guy!"

Jim Brusilovsky

Owner, Marks Jewelers

Montgomeryville, PA

"I would like to say a few words on behalf of Jocalio Group.


My comments are more about the results of their partnership with Marks Jewelers than the complicated process and formulas they apply to the marketing side of our business.

We use their services mostly to boost our event business, targeting consumers that may be in the market for goods that we are promoting for a given period. I was not surprised that the more we used their services, and the more they became familiar with our business needs, the better the results have become.

For us, it is not unusual to have 75 new appointments at one of our events as a result of our combined efforts. To me, this is all we can ask for as business operators.


The product side of the business is where I spend the most time with Val and his team. It is here that I can tell you how impressed we are with his attention to detail and wanting to get things right. To work with a Vendor that listens to your wants and needs while truly having a keen business sense is a great pleasure. The team he has assembled really gets it and will do whatever I ask of them.

I strongly recommend that you at least stop by and talk with Jocalio, they will work hard to get it right."

Scott Fenton

General Manager, Marks Jewelers

Montgomeryville, PA

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"Val & David,

Thank you to both of you and your staff.  The first ever wedding band event was a success in our eyes!  We were VERY busy for the last three days and we owe it all to you."

Michelle Jaffe

Owner, Harold Jaffe Jewelers

Toledo, OH

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“Digital advertising is complex - we did not know where to begin. Jocalio’s team helped us every step of the way and from the moment the campaigns were launched we saw new customers walk in through the door.

During our first bridal event of the year, we saw the Jocalio Concierge appointment team deliver 20 qualified appointments for a three-day event - (75% turned up, 87% bought) a huge success and more importantly, it was well organized for my staff to handle the sales volume.

Jocalio is known for their marketing program, but I was also impressed by their high quality, competitively priced goods. Recommended!”

Mark Hayden,

Owner, Hayden Jewelers

Liverpool, NY

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