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Empowering independent jewelers through innovation.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients


What they say about Jocalio

"Over the years, I had lost my faith in any type of advertising…Jocalio was the exact catalyst I needed to break my routine. The success was resounding."

Andrew Koppel 
Owner, Maurice’s Jewelers
Miami, FL



"What the Jocalio partnership really comes down to is the bottom line. I now have 2 years of proof that Jocalio is more effective and efficient than anything else in our industry."

Mark Hayden,
Owner, Hayden Jewelers
Syracuse, NY


"Jocalio has become a huge part of our bridal business success by allowing us to create our own exclusive line of diamond bridal jewelry at prices that our clients have come to expect. It gives us a decisive competitive edge over our competition by providing the highest quality diamond jewelry at prices no mainstream designer line can match. 


We consider Jocalio a valued partner that will continue to become an important part of our incredible growth story going forward. "

Steve Weintraub

Owner, Gold & Diamond Source

Clearwater, FL


"For independent jewelers, I highly recommend partnering with Jocalio as they have discovered the holy grail."

Jeff Taylor,
Owner, D.C. Taylor Jewellers
Ontario, Canada

"The team at Jocalio were able to increase traffic, store appointments, and revenue by over 100% for one of our annual events. All while cutting marketing costs by nearly 50%, and increasing my return on advertising spend by over 400%. Until now, this kind of secret sauce has been reserved for very high priced ad agencies who serve clients with multi-million dollar advertising budgets.  This is an equalizer for the little guy!"

Jim Brusilovsky

Owner, Marks Jewelers

Montgomeryville, PA


Jocalio is a proud CBG vendor

CBG - Continental Buying Group Member
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