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Andrew Koppel
Owner, Maurice’s Jewelers
Miami, FL

Jocalio's expertise on product, supply and data marketing was instrumental in not only helping us avoid a Covid slump in 2020, it enabled us to have our best November and December EVER-- growing by 40%! ….  If you are looking for a game changer for your business, I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend them”

Michelle Jaffe
Owner, Harold Jaffe JewelersToledo, OH

“For those of you who have not sat down to discuss what Jocalio can do for you, I would strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible. It will be one of the best decisions you will make."

Nicole Steel
Steel’s Jewelry
Valdosta, GA

“Opening with Jocalio was a game changer for our store. Their digital marketing has helped increase our business and expand our personal brand.  They understand the importance of making our company the main focus…Their on-trend inventory also filled a much-needed price point.”

Jim Brusilovsky
Owner, Marks Jewelers Montgomeryville, PA

"The team at Jocalio increased traffic, store appointments, and revenue by over 100% for one of our annual events, while cutting marketing costs nearly 50%, increasing my return on advertising spend by over 400%. Until now, this kind of secret sauce has been for high priced ad agencies with clients with multi-million dollar budgets.  This is an equalizer for the little guy!"

Mark Hayden
Owner, Hayden Jewelers
Syracuse, NY

“Jocalio is more effective and efficient than anything else in our industry, so much so that I no longer do any other form of marketing.. It's simple math--spend less money but use more efficient means of getting my message out, increase top line sales, realize more profits.  Jocalio embraced, implemented and ultimately succeeded in this mission”

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